Players come to Genshin Impact for its loveable characters, but some characters face unreasonably harsh criticism from the fanbase. There are a ton of characters that make up Genshin Impact’s colorful roster. Many of the sought-after and highly-coveted five-star characters are only available in three-week intervals, and it’s never certain who’s going to get a rerun with each new patch. With Sumeru’s recent release and older fan favorites receiving reruns with improved buffs, fans are talking about which characters were unfairly hated from their debut. While Genshin’s roster is filled with numerous characters who are in high demand, there are also many other characters who fans don’t usually give a second thought. The majority of these characters don’t merit the unfavorable perception that the fandom has of them; some receive the short end of the stick and ought to be given much more.

1. Kokomi

Sagonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact 1 - Genshin Impact Shop

Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of the few pure healers in Genshin Impact and a beautiful five-star Hydro catalyst user. Even when she is off the field, Kokomi can keep her teammates as hydrated as possible thanks to her outfit.

Since catalysts are currently the weakest in Genshin Impact, the limited number of individuals who use Kokomi adore her, while the majority of the audience abhors her merely due of her role or weapon type. Her banner had the lowest revenue of any first-run banner, with Klee and Tartaglia’s reruns coming in second and third, respectively.

2. Fischl – Electro, Bow

Genshin Fischl Using Her Skill - Genshin Impact Shop

Fischl is one of the more powerful four-stars in Genshin Impact, as her Elemental Skill and Burst make her a prime candidate for off-the-field Electro Support damage. She’s got an eye-catching design, and many players are so devoted to her that they even build her as a physical damage main DPS so she can spend more time on the field. Despite this, a chunk of the fanbase absolutely can’t stand Fischl because of how she talks. Her over-the-top, incredibly cryptic, and long-winded manner of speech grates on many fans to the point that they unfairly judge her entire character for it.

3. Barbara – Hydro, Catalyst

barbara genshin - Genshin Impact Shop

The idol-in-training Barbara is not an exception to the harsh reputation that many healers in Genshin Impact receive in the neighborhood. Even for a four-star, she is a potent source of burst healing, and one of her later constellations enables her to revive her allies as well.

Despite this, Barbara has a terrible reputation because of the continual Wet effect her Elemental Skill gives her companions. She is still a strong healer who merits greater attention, but this makes it simpler for players to unintentionally freeze themselves.

4. Qiqi – Cryo, Sword

Genshin Impact Qiqi Elemental Bu - Genshin Impact Shop

Qiqi has one of the most unique backstories of any Genshin Impact character. She is a resurrected zombie who works at Bubu Pharmacy under the care of Baizhu, and she has an incredibly hard time remembering others or her assigned duties.

Qiqi’s design is adorable, her voice acting in all languages is stellar, and she is a Cryo sword user. Despite this, almost all Genshin Impact players choose to pass her up in favor of other characters who can heal and provide additional help, like Jean or Bennett.

5. Xinyan – Pyro, Claymore

Genshin Impact Xinyan Smiling - Genshin Impact Shop

Xinyan is a rocker who loves to perform shows to make people’s faces light up with joy. She is wonderfully cute and cool. Despite this, players choose to overlook her, and two of the best indicators of her popularity are that she hardly ever appears in co-op play or the Spiral Abyss.

In protection of the players, Xinyan’s shield has bugs that prevent it from consistently applying its Level Three advantages. She can still be a very effective support, particularly at constellation four when she may support Physical damage dealers.

Genshin Impact has a wealth of characters to choose from, each with their own unique personalities and backgrounds. We have outlined ten characters who don’t seem to receive the recognition they deserve for the contributions they make in-game and how they are portrayed. By taking a closer look at these characters’ stories, motivations, and abilities we can better appreciate them for who they truly are. So if you’re ever feeling down about your favorite Genshin Impact character not getting enough attention or appreciation, be sure to take this as a reminder that there is always something special about every character – even those who are underappreciated!