Dedicated Genshin Impact fans have been holding onto their hard-earned Primogems in eager expectation even though many beloved characters are yet to be unveiled. The world of Teyvat is ever-expanding, and with each new nation rollout comes another roster of characters fans can’t wait to spend their Primogems on. Many of the most beloved characters have yet to be released or even confirmed as playable in the future, but that doesn’t stop dedicated Genshin Impact fans from saving their hard-earned Primogems however long it takes for their favorites to be released.

5. Baizhu Was One Of Genshin’s Earliest Dendro Characters To Be IntroducedBaizhu from Genshin Impact - Genshin Impact Shop

In Liyue, a pharmacist named Baizhu suffers from a fatal illness that is also incurable. He has tried a wide range of techniques, both practical and unconventional, to find a cure. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that things are going well for him. He is under suspicion by Qiqi because she thinks he is using her immortality for research. Nevertheless, many people come to Baizhu’s office in Liyue Harbor because, despite the fact that he has no remedy for himself, he is excellent at healing others. He wears the white snake around his neck all the time now. He was also one of Genshin’s first Dendro vision users to be introduced. Fans adore Baizhu’s appearance and are eagerly anticipating his playability.

4. Yaoyao Was Xiangling’s Junior, But Now She’s Ganyu’s Assistant

Leaked Yaoyao Model Genshin Impa - Genshin Impact Shop

Fans of Genshin have been patiently waiting for Yaoyao for what seems like an eternity. No matter how long players must wait, characters referenced in other people’s voice lines frequently become playable. She is a Liyue-born Dendro vision user whose existence has even been confirmed by Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Qixing. Xiangling and Yaoyao shared a martial arts practice space. With Liyue Qixing, she is now Ganyu’s assistant. Yaoyao is widely regarded by the public, who frequently compliment her positive outlook on life. Since other Dendro characters have finally been unveiled, fans think she may soon be playable.

3. Dainsleif Is One Of Genshin’s Most Intriguing Characters & Will Introduce A New Element

Dainsleif from Genshin Impact - Genshin Impact Shop

Each Genshin trailer is narrated by Dainsleif. He was once a member of Khaenri’ah’s Royal Guard, but once the kingdom was overthrown, he was cursed with immortality. He is currently traveling to Teyvat in pursuit of information and seeking revenge on the divine. He has appeared in a few archon missions and frequently supports rumors that have been going about in the Genshin Impact fan community, such as the notion that the hilichurls were formerly common citizens of Khaenri’ah. Fans have been anticipating Dainsleif’s flag since the game’s release, even though Khaenri’ah won’t be available until the remaining nations are finished.

2. Kaveh Is Alhaitham’s Freeloading Roommate

kaveh in genshin impact - Genshin Impact Shop

In the 3.2 Archon quest, Kaveh was first encountered by fans. Fans had only heard of him before that through leaks involving Alhaitham. Kaveh is revealed to be Alhaitham’s scrounger roommate. He is an architect and could construct his own home, but he decides against doing so. During his previous appearance, fans witnessed him and Alhaitham arguing in the Akademiya, but little else is known about him. According to leaks, Kaveh will have a Dendro vision and be a 4-star character. He’ll use a Claymore as well. The majority of players who want Alhaitham also want Kaveh in their squad lineups to further antagonize their favorite frail student.

1. Mika Is One Of Mondstadt’s Most Mysterious Characters

mika in genshin impact - Genshin Impact Shop

Mika has been mentioned in Mondstadt characters’ voice lines since the beginning of the game, and fans finally met him during the “Of Ballads and Brews” event. Fans learned a bit about him, but there are still many unknowns. Many leaders are guessing he’s a 4-star, and maybe a Cryo catalyst user. Mika is one of the Knights of Favonius’ reconnaissance surveyors. He also works as one of Varka’s messengers. The only real connection he has to a currently playable character is Eula since they were on the same team during his time in the Reconnaissance Company.

There are so many exciting Genshin Impact projects in the works, and we can’t wait to see them all come together. Whether it’s getting to know the characters on a deeper level or cheering them on from afar, these five will have an impact on us that we never expected. Who do you think will be our favorite? Let us know in the comments below!