Genshin Impact has an impressive roster of characters, and though not all have amazing backstories, some stand out for being especially well-written. The main selling point of Genshin Impact, aside from its amazing worldbuilding and fighting mechanics, is its large cast of playable characters. There are many intriguing individuals in Teyvat, each with a distinct past and a prominent place in the main plot. Genshin Impact’s lore runs incredibly deep. Some characters are walking encyclopedias for the game’s lore. Many players choose which characters to wish for based not only on playstyles but also individuality and how exciting their stories are. Not every Genshin character is necessarily well-written, but they’re still likable. Luckily, there are plenty of lovable characters who are also incredibly well-written.

1. Scaramouche Is A Puppet Of Many Names

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Since his brief presence in the Unreconciled Stars event in version 1.1, Scaramouche has gained a lot of popularity. There are numerous names for Scaramouche. He is known to some as the Fatui’s Balladeer and to others as Kunikuzushi. Scaramouche just underwent a facelift and got a new name, officially becoming the Wanderer.

Although Scaramouche is a synthetic human like Albedo, he is not the soulless instrument that many have attempted to utilize him as. Scaramouche severed his links with the Fatui and Inazuma. He changed his name to the Wanderer to avoid ever again being a puppet on a string for anyone since he laments his birth.

2. Albedo Is A Robotic Person.

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Albedo is a synthetic human that was made by Rhinedottir and is eager to learn everything there is to know about Teyvat. Albedo spends a lot of time alone at his studio in Dragonspine, where he never stops looking for answers and learning more about Teyvat.

Albedo’s existence also suggests that there is more to Khaenri’ah’s lore. He uses ancient fallen society alchemy, not Teyvat alchemy, in his work. The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles destroyed Khaenri’ah because its inhabitants’ inventions posed a danger. One of those annoying inventions was probably its alchemy.

3. Zhongli Is A Centuries-Old God Struggling To Adapt To Mortal Living

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Zhongli is the Geo Archon. He literally faked his own death and threw Liyue into turmoil because he didn’t want to be a god anymore. Zhongli is incredibly wise because he’s roamed Teyvat for hundreds of years. However, the main theme in Zhongli’s story is that he struggles to understand mortal life.

Zhongli may have roamed Liyue, but being a god is vastly different from the human condition. One such example is his frivolous spending. He created Mora, so the Gnosis allowed him to generate unlimited amounts of the currency for centuries. However, Zhongli can’t do that anymore since he doesn’t have the Gnosis.

4. Kazuha Is A Free-Spirited Wanderer With A Heavy Heart

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Kazuha is a member of the extinct Kaedehara Clan. By the time Kazuha was born, the Kaedeharas had lost their position as a prestigious samurai clan and had nothing left for him to inherit. Kazuha had to run away from the Vision Hunt Decree after she turned into a fugitive. In the process, he lost one of his best friends.

Kazuha started to wander because she had neither friends nor a place to go home to at the end of the day. With Beidou and The Crux, he goes across Teyvat and investigates each of the seven zones. Kazuha may appear to be a carefree explorer with a gift for language, but his heart is heavy.

5. Venti’s Carefree Attitude Hides Centuries Of Trauma

Venti is an easygoing, free-spirited bard who loves singing just as much as he appreciates a good glass of wine. The current vessel of Barbatos, Venti’s tongue-in-cheek attitude disguises centuries of trauma and heartache. Venti still grieves over the lookalike Bard and didn’t understand what having a true friend was like until the Traveler came along. It’s heavily implied that Venti drinks so much alcohol to cope with the trauma and grief. Venti also criticizes Celestia and the other Archons. He said Celestia’s water is foul, and the fruit is tasteless. He also calls Zhongli a blockhead and the Pyro Archon a warmonger.

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Genshin Impact has an impressive cast of characters and each one is written with great care. From the clever dialogue to their unique personalities, these five characters are some of the best Genshin Impact has to offer. Whether you love Jean for her snarky comments or Klee for her boundless enthusiasm, each character adds something special to this beloved world. If you haven’t had a chance to play Genshin Impact yet, we highly recommend it!