Genshin Impact‘s seven elements bring several advantages to the table and boast immense power, but some outdo the others. Visions in Genshin Impact signify the gods’ acknowledgment of humans they deem extraordinary. While some NPCs wield them, they’re more famously used by playable characters, who are high-ranking members of society and formidable fighters. Categorized into five elements, all Visions give their owners great power, but some Visions prove stronger than others. Due to the flexibility of Teyvat’s elemental reaction system, the true strength of a Vision holder is limited only by the individual’s imagination and personality. However, some elements have been left out of the loop and have fallen behind over time. Despite that, there’s no such thing as a weak element in Genshin Impact, just poor synergy.

1. Hydro Is Both Helpful And Hazardous

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Hydro has changed a lot since it was formerly thought to be one of Genshin Impact‘s most lackluster features. Over the years, various power players, such as Tartaglia and Ayato, have been added to the element, which was initially made up entirely of supporters. The reputation of the water element was enhanced by Hydro DPS characters, and the addition of Dendro further enhanced it with the potent Bloom response. Characters in Hydro embody the duality of water: an elixir of healing or a torrent of destruction. Yelan’s Skill decimates armies of adversaries, Xingqiu permits continuous elemental application, and Kokomi rescues comrades from certain death. Hydro currently has the greatest number of characters who are listed in the top tiers of the tier rankings.

2. Dendro Requires Extra Brainpower For Extra Firepower

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Dendro, a recently added aspect, was the right addition for Genshin Impact at a time when interest was waning and rumblings of stagnation were becoming louder. Since the beginning of the game, opponents were the only ones who could use the life element; however, that changed with the release of Sumeru. Dendro more than lived up to the anticipation that players had as it approached. Dendro relies on reactions the most out of all the elements; there are three to pick from, and each one has a follow-up reaction. One of the most powerful characters in the game and a mainstay in most team compilations for the Spiral Abyss is Nahida, the Dendro Archon.

3. Cryo Is Perfect For Players Who Want A Simple Solution

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An element with excellent utility outside of combat, Cryo is a fan-favorite in Genshin Impact. Home to such beloved characters as Ganyu, Eula, and Ayaka, the ice element has both style and substance in spades. Cryo is particularly useful for both support and DPS. The Frozen and Superconduct reactions shift the flow of combat in the player’s favor and decrease the enemy’s physical resistance, respectively, making combat with Cryo users volatile and engaging. Should they desire, players can stun-lock an enemy and use their resident claymore user to button-mash their way to victory?

4. Pyro Is The Embodiment Of Power

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There are many sides to fire. Its wielders can be shielded from the cold and darkness or killed in a rabid rage. In a similar vein, Pyro users can cheer people up or rip through foes in a ruthless rage, with Pyro Vision users tending more toward the latter. Pyro Elemental Resonance ups the party’s base ATK by 25% to emphasize the message. It speaks volumes about how some Pyro users continue to dominate the Spiral Abyss years after their release. With reliable reactions like Burgeon and Overload, Pyro users like Xiangling and Hu Tao can boost the account of any new player. Pyro in Teyvat is equivalent to strength, but raw strength alone can only go so far.

5. Electro Is Fierce Yet Needs More Frontmen

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Electro is a mixed bag. A glimpse at statistics regarding the Spiral Abyss and tier lists will show that most lightning-wielding characters function best as supports or as secondary damage dealers, with only a few belonging on the front lines. In other words, for every Raiden Shogun, there is a Kujou Sara and Yae Miko to back her up. Electro is one of the best elements to use in the early game, as Electro-Charged and Overload reactions deal massive damage. However, it falls behind for some players as enemies get tougher. Even so, Electro characters still have their place in the current meta, and a well-built Electro character is the sign of a truly loyal Electro main.

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